Our Approach

McAdams Group, LLC offers clients a wealth of services under one roof. The advisors can help clients with taxes, investments, income planning, power of attorney, insurance, wills, trusts and long-term care provisions.

“We plan the entire program,” McAdams says. “We feel there’s really nothing we can’t do, by ourselves or working with their other advisors, to help our clients.”

David McAdams also trains financial professionals and has trained hundreds of advisors across the country.

His company also educates clients. McAdams says,

“We don’t implement anything until all of their questions have been asked and answered, and we both agree this makes sense for them. We don’t make any move until our clients give us the green light.”

Focused on People

McAdams Group, LLC Uses a Unique and Compelling Approach to Help Clients

For a company focused on finance, McAdams Group, LLC looks like a company focused on people, family and community.

“We do a lot of things that would never be expected and completely wow our clients,” says David McAdams, founder. “We regularly ask ourselves what we can do to go above and beyond a client’s service expectations.”

A recent example involved a seriously ill client. The family was in town. McAdams found out and catered food to the family so they could be together during a difficult time. It also shows in seminars designed not to get new clients but to help current ones. And it’s there when the customer service department regularly calls clients to ask if changes to their circumstances call for any adjustments.

Clients’ primary expectation, of course, is solid financial guidance. McAdams Group, LLC aims to provide that in unique ways. McAdams follows a defensive reduced-risk strategy that may fit the needs of clients, many of whom are retired or are nearing retirement. The company is independent and free to recommend what advisors, David McAdams, Gary Osing,  Richard Burt, and George Coules consider among the best for clients.

“We’re not married to anything, so our recommendations depend on the clients’ needs and the environment,” McAdams says. “We use the entire universe of strategies, often outside of the stock market. Many choices may earn interest income or dividends but don’t have the same type of volatility you would see in stocks or stock mutual funds.”

Depending on rates, investments could include fixed-rate bank CDs, fixed annuities, government bonds, insured municipal bonds, corporate bonds, preferred stocks, real estate investment trusts, secured debt programs, royalty programs and equipment leasing programs. “Why stick strictly to stocks and bonds when there may be many other ways to help people reduce risk and work towards making money?” McAdams asks.