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Bringing Your Money Home

Brad Williams Financial Services’ customers are great financiers. Through the years, they have been smart at getting returns on their investments and diligent in setting up their 401(k)s and retirement plans through the companies that employed them. They purchased CDs and stocks when the timing was right and invested a little here where it’s safe while risking a little there, which turned out okay. All the while, they have saved as well, putting money aside for unexpected expenditures and emergencies.

They have followed the Golden Rule and done everything right. They have been responsible with their money; however, now it’s time to enter a new phase of their lives — retirement — and things begin to get a little murky!

Life Happens

Several years ago, during a competitive round of golf with your neighbor who was a financial advisor and all around nice guy, you challenged him to sink an 8-foot putt on the 18th hole to beat you by a shot. His winnings? You agreed to turn over a stock dividend to his company to see what kind of money he could make you. He’s turned you a bundle over the years and he still holds that account.

Then there was that time you got an insanely generous Christmas bonus and decided to invest it all in pork bellies futures. You did that through a stockbroker you met in a networking group at the Chamber of Commerce.

Oh, and you went in with your brother-in-law on a land investment where a multimillion-dollar commercial development stands today. He still handles the details of that enterprise. And you have an annuity at one bank and a CD at another; you rolled over your 401(k) when you retired and … now that you think about it … your money is all over the place!

I don’t know how much I have saved …

I just knew I needed to!

It is a common problem. Many people find themselves in this predicament when they retire. They did all the right things along the way but now that they have reached retirement, they discover they have a very fragmented financial plan. They aren’t sure exactly how much money they have, and even worse, they aren’t sure why they don’t know!

Brad Williams Financial Services works with clients at or near retirement age to help them put it all together — not necessarily in one pot — but pulled together into a cohesive, structured plan. Our customers know where their money is, and exactly how much they have, so that as they move into the spending years of their life, as opposed to the saving years, they are right on the mark!

Don't Throw Your Spouse to the Wolves

So many times, one spouse or the other handled all the financial decisions in the family. What happens when that person is no longer around to do it? These questions are at the center of most of Brad Williams’ ongoing Financial Planning seminars throughout the year:

I don’t know what to do with all of this money

I’ve managed the family finances all this time. What happens if something happens to me?

How is my spouse going to be taken care of?

I have some health problems, how do I get my spouse up-to-date?

There are legal as well as financial considerations involved, which is why Brad Williams often invites legal experts to his seminars to offer two perspectives on retirement and estate planning. “Many spouses are left unaware when the money manager in the family passes away, and being unaware under those circumstances is a lot like being thrown to the wolves,” Brad explains. “There are a lot of disreputable people out there who take advantage of a person in grief, especially if they are rather naïve at financial matters. There are also advisors out there who will set up a structure that makes the financial advisor the most money, rather than protecting the interests of their clients.”

It isn’t always about dishonesty. Often, financial professionals get caught up in their roles as advisors, and forget to continue their own education. As a result, they may have 20 years as a financial advisor but are still completely unaware of the perpetually changing rules and regulations that govern the financial world.

For over 25 years, Brad Williams has attended many seminars, workshops, and mentoring sessions designed to help financial planners and advisors stay abreast of the subtle legal changes in rules and regulations. An uninformed financial advisor can be very costly to a client.

“A mentor once told me, ‘When you look back over the first twenty years of your career, make sure you are providing twenty years of financial planning experience, and not one year of financial planning experience, twenty times.’ I was inspired by that advice, I am here to help you build what I call a sound financial house. I can only do that if I understand the ever-changing nuances of the financial industry myself.”

-Brad Williams

Let’s Talk About Your Money

One Meeting, One Hour, No Obligation

I often use a compass heading analogy when talking about your money because what I offer my clients is a GPS navigational system that helps you set a steady course for your retirement and estate planning strategy.
By the time you need my services, you will already have made many right choices with your money over the years. However, whether you have a little money or a lot, what you do with your savings and investment at age 65 is much different from what you did with it at age 40!
Brad Williams Financial Services is your financial GPS. We help you keep your money on the right heading all the way to it’s final destination!
Our first meeting only takes an hour and its free, so why not join me for a cup of coffee or hot tea to talk about whether you need any help or advice with your retirement and estate planning strategy.
You can fill me in on your current financial situation, and I can answer your questions. Then, if we both feel we have a basis for meeting again, we can set up another meeting in which we will go into more depth. You are under no obligation, however, to go any further than our first hour!

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